Join Don Johnston Photography as we embark on an exciting journey to capture the spirit of the annual Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce Golf Open. For six years, we have proudly served as the official photographers of this cherished event, celebrating the unity of local businesses and the love for the game of golf.
Title: Capturing the Essence of Joy and Tradition: A Photographic Journey at the Oakland County Fair Introduction As the sun set over the sprawling Springfield Oaks County Fairgrounds, Detroit area commercial photographer Don Johnston embarked on an exciting photographic expedition. Armed with his trusty camera and an eye for detail, Don set out to capture the vibrant street life and the delightful essence of the Oakland County Fair. This enchanting event brought together families, friends, and local vendors for days of laughter, thrills, and delectable treats. Among these vendors, the beloved Shuck n Ladders corn roasting booth took center stage, adding a dash of flavor and nostalgia to the already colorful midway. In this blog post, we will delve into Don's exhilarating experience as he embarked on a journey to encapsulate the spirit of the fair.
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